Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Old Texaco on Jefferson Street

New home for Hattie Bags starting on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016.  I have had a love affair with old gas stations since I was a little girl.  I would see one and think how great it would make for a small cafe, studio or shop.  Well God gave me my hearts desire this Valentines.  I tried today to look for a number on the building, but did not see one.  So I just tell everyone its the old Texaco on Jefferson Street.  I am excited, blessed and thrilled to be moving into such a cool location.  I see great things happening from this place.  At first I will be open by appointment and mostly be used for studio and storage of event decor.  I might even throw the event prop rental ball into the air at a later date once I get it organized.  For now it will display, house Hattie Bags and be my studio to assemble, adorn and embellish, to ship and sell online.  Metallic gold decals will go on the windows hoping not to take away from the signage out front.  Pretty low key.  I am still asking myself how did this happen?  Excited to see what and where God is taking me and these purses.

So far I am not complaining. 

I am thankful for this space and a good landlord.  The location is great and I am feeling hopeful about what seems to be happening.  Grateful for opportunity to share these bags and have a place that will function as a studio and display.  My hope is people will contact me with custom bags and keepsake hats that I can use and make into a keepsake.  Most people don't know what to do with "grandma's hats".  I have heard people say they have thrown them away. So tragic.   Most people take them to thrift stores and resale shops, thankfully.  This new location will enable me to spread out and really be able to work there instead of bringing it home back and forth.
A real studio.

A really cute studio.

So if you are in the area and see my car stop in.
Or call for an appointment.
My contact info is in my about me section of this blog.

I look forward to seeing y'all and hope you will stop in.

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