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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Petticoats on the Prairie Vintage Market Coleman, TX

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April 15-16, 2016
Coleman, Texas
 I am looking forward to meeting lots of new friends this weekend at this market.  God is so faithful and I am blessed to be going to share this fun idea of Hattie Bags.  I will be doing a drawing and giveaway and you need not be present.  I just need your email so stop by the booth and drop it in the hat.   Here are some of my latest designs.  Pretty fun and loving all the trim.  Making the inside just as much fun.  Grateful.  


Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Old Texaco on Jefferson Street

New home for Hattie Bags starting on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016.  I have had a love affair with old gas stations since I was a little girl.  I would see one and think how great it would make for a small cafe, studio or shop.  Well God gave me my hearts desire this Valentines.  I tried today to look for a number on the building, but did not see one.  So I just tell everyone its the old Texaco on Jefferson Street.  I am excited, blessed and thrilled to be moving into such a cool location.  I see great things happening from this place.  At first I will be open by appointment and mostly be used for studio and storage of event decor.  I might even throw the event prop rental ball into the air at a later date once I get it organized.  For now it will display, house Hattie Bags and be my studio to assemble, adorn and embellish, to ship and sell online.  Metallic gold decals will go on the windows hoping not to take away from the signage out front.  Pretty low key.  I am still asking myself how did this happen?  Excited to see what and where God is taking me and these purses.

So far I am not complaining. 

I am thankful for this space and a good landlord.  The location is great and I am feeling hopeful about what seems to be happening.  Grateful for opportunity to share these bags and have a place that will function as a studio and display.  My hope is people will contact me with custom bags and keepsake hats that I can use and make into a keepsake.  Most people don't know what to do with "grandma's hats".  I have heard people say they have thrown them away. So tragic.   Most people take them to thrift stores and resale shops, thankfully.  This new location will enable me to spread out and really be able to work there instead of bringing it home back and forth.
A real studio.

A really cute studio.

So if you are in the area and see my car stop in.
Or call for an appointment.
My contact info is in my about me section of this blog.

I look forward to seeing y'all and hope you will stop in.

Friday, February 5, 2016

800 Tries

The creative bug is not easily shaken and is often times laughed at and called names.  I refer to it often as a disease.  One that is inherently there from birth, and shows up when fed the right things that cause and encourage it to grow.  I refer to it sometimes as a sickness, for which it could have made me sick if I spent when I should not have, or paid too much for a hat, but I had to have it, kind of sickness.  I refer to the fact that it can't be stopped and if it wasn't hats, it would be something else  itching that driving pulse that seeks to survey the next project.  Like something that gets under your skin, so much so, if you don't satisfy it, might drive you crazy.  Or at least that is what you believe  and have convinced yourself to keep the fire going, keep the dream alive, keep on trying to prefect this creative bug that stirs within.  And lets face it.....the hunt is half the fun.   Along with all the other things in life that are set before us to do and get done, being creative doesn't always seem like a "real job" to some, perhaps most.

So, I keep trying. 

I have done a myriad of creative ventures in my life. Wondering in the process where it would lead, seeing in hindsight now that it all lead me to this point, preparing me for such a time as this.   From early childhood, I wrote stories and poems and created drawings sometimes to go with them, painted, studied photography in college receiving a BFA,  did needle crafting, dried flower arranging, created baby shoe wreaths, designed jewelry, gardened, blogged, lead worship and wrote songs, refurbished furniture,  repurposed functional art, hosted an online livestream Bible study each week in my kitchen,  decorated multiple houses for Christmas, planned and decorated 4 weddings (so far), cooked for a large family with six children, to making these purses from silly old hats. Surely being able to do all these things would constitute as a "real job". This bug has been around for a while.   These hats end up in landfills and much to my surprise, nobody seems to want or know what to do with them.   And when and if my eyes grow too dim, or my back too weak to bend over my table, or I just get too old to want to do this anymore,  I will probably find some other creative avenue to venture down and adore.  I need that outlet.
So it should come as no surprise that making these purses is still lots of fun.
Even when I don't sell any.  WHAT?  One detail that my husband does not fully understand how I can be so lax about, as he hopes I would sell them all, but graciously accepts the creative process.  He has put up with some of my hair brain ideas that occupy space in our home and storage. His balance of being the "brakes" in our relationship keeps me from "accelerating" too fast or out of control.  I love him for that gift that keeps me grounded and on the right track.  The creative soul is just that...... creative.  I make no bones that the business side of this is not my forte.  I gratefully accept any and all advice he gives to make the business side run smoothly.  I gladly relinquish that control.

West Germany pair of earrings anchor the attached chain.

These purses have evolved over the years and so have I.  I am taking things a little less seriously, concentrating on the craft and focusing on improving the brand, look and excellence in the details.
Did you know that it took Thomas Edison something like 800 tries to get the light bulb right?
800 tries.
I know I don't have nearly 800 purses yet or even 800 hats in my possession, but maybe someday I can claim that number.   I did meet a woman once who said she had 1000 hats.  I told her I was not sure I would know what 1000 hats in one place would look like.   Or what that would do to me if I saw them.  I might faint or fall over with excitement if I saw them.  Hoping I can see them someday.

So I just keep making Hattie Bags.

Even though I don"t know what is to become of them, or if people will get the concept, I continue to try and figure out what the market will bare and work hard to get them out there. This past fall I was part of a big festival that was going to be my first street festival and debut of sorts for Hattie Bags.  In this festival you have to be approved by a panel and asked to join the other vendors. I was excited they asked me to join in.   I had never set up and torn down a booth so this was going to be my first shot at that.  All was going well in preparation for it until the weather report came in.......RAIN.  And I am not talkin a sprinkle.  I am talkin gully washer, with flooding, lightening and wind.

Booth in the rain.

So what is a girl to do? 

I had paid my entry fee, paid for the expensive tent and made hotel arrangements, so I felt obligated to go......besides with Texas weather you just never know.  So I pressed on through the rain.  I set up in the rain, woke up to the rain and left in the rain.  At one point, there was a river running underneath one of my display tables where my table and tent backed up to the street gutter.  People were dropping the purses in the water, not really understanding the concept calling them "cute" and "what a great idea", but nobody was buying.  This taught me several things.  Either they were as wet as I was and not in the mood, my prices were too high, or this was not the type of marketplace for these bags.

We must keep learning through the process. 

Then you put on silly hats and make the best of it.

You begin to laugh at the situation realizing there is not one dang thing you can do about it.  You appreciate what you have learned in the process.  You count your blessings for the exposure you did get for the few that ventured into your tent.  We folded up shop a little early and I forged on to get home before it got too late.  Not selling one purse.  I have come to a place with that aspect of marketing, there is the possibility I will not sell one thing.  I have to be ok with that beforehand and just keep creating, figuring out and perfecting the craft. Trusting the process.  A term I became very familiar with along the way.  I will keep creating cause the bug won't leave me alone.

My reason for this post is yes to describe my creative process, but also to express thankfulness to those around me that go through it with this picture of this sweet friend who traveled with me to this festival to help me set up and be another body to watch over the tent.  She took time away to be with me, encouraged me and blessed me with warm coffee, treats and lots of laughs.
Thank you Anna. I love this picture of us. You always got my back honey.

Even though we sold nothing, we laughed.

I thank God for each person in my life who shares in my excitement, encourages my enthusiasm, and has been bitten by the bug themselves. Creating these purses kept my mind off another bug, the breast cancer bug,  I had five years ago.   That bug came along and paralleled the emerging evolution of these purse designs and my need to create. Perfect timing. God's perfect timing if you ask me.           It got me out of the house to hunt for hats, old clutch purses, vintage jewels and fabrics.  I have met some incredible people and contacts along the way who have hoisted me up and lifted my spirits. Through these contacts, I even had an opportunity to expose Hattie Bags in a style lounge at the Emmy's.  That has to count for something and hopefully will amount to blessings.

Such as Blissdom,  Junk Gypsies, Vintage Jolie,  Annie James Boutique, Cowgirls and LaceGypsy and The Blue, Texas Country Reporter, Stephanie Piche, Annievive Palm, Sydney Rowan Walker, Catherine Masterson,  family, friends, countless others and various charities who have auctioned off these one of a kind purses.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Standing in my booth, thankful for renting the expensive tent, and smiling through the rain.

So grateful for that creative bug gift from God.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Designs from Hattie Bags

A plethora of Hattie Bags waiting to find a soul mate.

Silk floral headband with vintage necklace chain.

Adriana Pappel dress with Christian Dior Hattie Bag/sold
Black vintage purse paired with organza carriage cap in white and black
Christian Dior fushia velvet Hattie Bag/sold

Donation to Tieks Shoes of turquoise velvet, blue fur and fringe accented with  pineapple earrings and  flower pin

Soft wool with silk chemise and vintage brooch

Grograin vintage purse with purple velvet headband and handprinted accent

Black velvet

Black and gold burnout floral

Straw and tulle

Silk organza with blue velvet

Panama straw with velveteen leaves and pearls

Silk and iridescent black

Carriage straw cap with blue lining and black lace overlay

Bridal Jackie O style

Sweet mauve pink translucent sequin pouch bag

Iranian brocade and beads with sequin

Panama straw with fruit

Floral silks with tulle body

Chennile cheetah with pop of hot pink headband floral

Sweet Jackie O style floral

Blue velvet with floral pin and lace trim

Iridescent sequin clutch

White mink, vintage brooch and lace trim

Ranchstyle mink clutch

Gray mink clutch

Black mink clutch

Beige mink clutch

Beautiful brocade fiery red jeweled with gold thread

Winter white minks, sequin, and feathers

Mink and velvet beauties

Sweet for spring flower girl straw and pink velvet

sweet for flower girl

Jackie O style mink with satin bottom

As seen at Vintage Jolie in Frankin, TN